Confiding in Stone: A Journey of Self-Discovery at the Beijing Opera House

In this episode, we'll embark on a transformative journey as Zhang Wei discovers the power of confiding in a stone statue and finds a new perspective on life and love at the Beijing Opera House.

Zh: 张伟开着他普通的小汽车,行驶在北京的熙熙攘攘的街头。他的目的地是他心中的梦想—北京歌剧院。他特别喜欢乐队的节奏和歌剧的舞美。他总是独自坐在他那旧皮座位上,享受那份宁静。然而,今天的他有些不同。
En: Zhang Wei drove his ordinary car through the bustling streets of Beijing. His destination was his dream in his heart - the Beijing Opera House. He especially loved the rhythm of the orchestra and the beauty of the opera's sets. He always sat alone in his old leather seat, enjoying the tranquility. However, he was feeling a little different today.

Zh: 当他进入歌剧院的园林时,他的眼睛被一件艺术品吸引。不是在庭院里的那座泛着金光的古老雕像,而是那个矮矮的,饱经风霜的石像。读着介绍牌上的原型名字,“李白”,他遥想那个山中欢笑的人,于是他向那尊雕像走去。
En: As he entered the gardens of the opera house, his eyes were drawn to a piece of art. It wasn't the ancient statue that shimmered with gold in the courtyard, but the short, weathered stone statue. Reading the name of the prototype on the plaque, "Li Bai," he imagined the man who laughed in the mountains and walked towards the statue.

Zh: “你好,李白。”张伟心情复杂地对着雕像说道。
En: "Hello, Li Bai," Zhang Wei said to the statue with mixed emotions.

Zh: 他开始向雕僐藏述心中的困惑和压力,他希望能从李白那个追求自由恣意生活的人格中得到解答和提示。然而,雕像只是静静的矗立在那里,张伟的讲述只得到了风的响应。
En: He began to describe his confusion and pressure to the statue, hoping to find answers and guidance from the personality of Li Bai, who pursued a life of freedom and indulgence. However, the statue just stood there quietly, and Zhang Wei's narrative only received the response of the wind.

Zh: 此时一位保洁阿姨过来,看到了这一幕,她走过来问:“先生,你确定你和雕像讲话吗?”
En: At this moment, a cleaning aunt came over and saw the scene. She walked up and asked, "Sir, are you sure you were talking to the statue?"

Zh: 张伟愣住了,然后非常羞涩地说:“我只是误以为……他可能回答我。”
En: Zhang Wei was stunned, then very shyly said, "I just thought... he might answer me."

Zh: 保洁阿姨微笑着说:“你没有错,每个人都需要找个出口来表达自己,就像我经常和这些花草树木说话一样。”
En: The cleaning aunt smiled and said, "You're not wrong. Everyone needs to find an outlet to express themselves, just like how I often talk to these flowers, plants, and trees."

Zh: 张伟惭愧地低下了头,他现在才意识到他一直以来寻找的并不是别人的回应,而是自己内心的宁静和释放。也许人真的需要有个地方去倾诉,无论是谁,都需要有种方式来宣泄自己的压力。张伟非常感谢这个陌生的阿姨,她的一句话瞬间点亮了他的世界。
En: Zhang Wei felt ashamed and lowered his head. He realized now that what he had been seeking was not the response of others, but the peace and release within himself. Perhaps people truly need a place to confide in, and everyone needs a way to relieve their stress. Zhang Wei was very grateful to this stranger aunt. Her words instantly brightened his world.

Zh: 然后,张伟微笑着向阿姨道了谢,然后他开始用新的视角看待歌剧,在音乐的交汇中找寻自我,找寻故事,找寻人生。
En: Then, Zhang Wei smiled and thanked the aunt, and he began to view opera from a new perspective, searching for himself, stories, and life in the intersection of music.

Zh: 这就是一个平凡而又不平凡的日子——张伟在一个风和日丽的下午,与李白的雕像诉说生活中的困扰与压力,在一个普通的阿姨的提点下,找到了看待问题的新视角,为他的心灵带来了宁静。
En: This was an ordinary yet extraordinary day - Zhang Wei, on a beautiful sunny afternoon, shared the troubles and pressures of life with the statue of Li Bai. With a gentle reminder from an ordinary aunt, he found a new perspective to approach problems and brought tranquility to his soul.