Cooking Up Friendship: Li Wei & Zhang Wei

In this episode, we'll embark on a flavorful journey at a small-town chef school, where two friends, Li Wei and Zhang Wei, learn the art of traditional Chinese cooking and discover the importance of friendship in the most unexpected, and sweet, mishap.

Zh: 在一个小镇的厨师学校里,李伟和张伟决定一起参加传统的中国烹饪班。
En: At a small-town chef school, Li Wei and Zhang Wei decide to take a traditional Chinese cooking class together.

Zh: 他们都是不擅长烹饪的业余厨师,希望通过这次班级能够提高自己的厨艺水平。
En: They are all amateur chefs who are not good at cooking, and they hope to improve their cooking skills through this class.

Zh: 虽然他们是好朋友,但在烹饪方面却截然不同。
En: Although they are good friends, they are very different when it comes to cooking.

Zh: 李伟总是粗心大意,而张伟则善于细致入微。
En: Li Wei is always careless, but Zhang Wei is good at nuanced.

Zh: 当李伟和张伟来到厨房上课时,教室里弥漫着各种香气。
En: When Li Wei and Zhang Wei came to the kitchen for class, the classroom was filled with various aromas.

Zh: 学生们聚集在一起,期待着今天将要制作的美味佳肴。
En: The students gathered in anticipation of the delicious meals that will be made today.

Zh: 老师走上讲台,展示出一盘各种调味品,解释它们的用途和特点。
En: The teacher stepped onto the podium, showed a plate of various condiments, and explained their uses and characteristics.

Zh: “今天,我们将学习制作一道传统菜肴——宫保鸡丁。
En: "Today, we will learn to make a traditional dish - Kung Pao Chicken."

Zh: ”老师说道,“这道菜的特点是酸甜可口,辣而不腻。
En: The teacher said, "This dish is characterized by sweet and sour taste, spicy but not greasy.

Zh: 调味品起到了至关重要的作用,所以你们必须要准确地掌握它们的使用。
En: Condiments play a vital role, so you must It is necessary to master their use accurately."

Zh: ”老师将各种调味品分发给每个学生后,他们开始动手准备材料。
En: After the teacher distributed various seasonings to each student, they began to prepare materials by hand.

Zh: 李伟和张伟一组,挑选了一把盐和一袋糖,摆放在他们的工作台上。
En: Li Wei and Zhang Wei selected a handful of salt and a bag of sugar and placed them on their workbench.

Zh: 在糖和盐的旁边,他们放置了切好的鸡丁、葱、姜和其他调料。
En: Next to the sugar and salt, they placed diced chicken, shallots, ginger and other spices.

Zh: 接下来,李伟轻轻撕开了糖袋,不假思索地将一勺糖倒入炒锅里。
En: Next, Li Wei gently tore open the sugar bag, and poured a spoonful of sugar into the frying pan without thinking.

Zh: 他对此毫不在意,因为他认为这只是一种简单的错误,没必要为此惊慌。
En: He didn't care about it, because he thought it was a simple mistake and there was no need to panic about it.

Zh: “快点,李伟!
En: "Hurry up, Li Wei!"

Zh: ”张伟焦急地催促道。
En: Zhang Wei urged anxiously.

Zh: “我快了,我快了。
En: "I'm almost there, I'm almost there."

Zh: ”李伟匆忙地回答道。
En: Li Wei replied hastily.

Zh: 几分钟后,他们把切好的鸡丁一起放入锅中炒熟。
En: After a few minutes, they put the diced chicken into the pan and fry it.

Zh: 张伟用勺子舀了一勺李伟刚才加入的调料,尝了一口。
En: Zhang Wei took a spoonful of the seasoning that Li Wei had just added with a spoon, and tasted it.

Zh: “哇!
En: "Wow!"

Zh: ”张伟露出满是惊讶的表情,“这是什么味道?
En: Zhang Wei showed a surprised expression, "What kind of smell is this?

Zh: 太甜了!
En: It's too sweet!"

Zh: ”其他学生也闻到了异常的味道,纷纷朝李伟和张伟的方向看去。
En: Other students also smelled the strange smell, and looked in the direction of Li Wei and Zhang Wei.

Zh: 一时间,教室里充满了欢声笑语。
En: For a while, the classroom was full of laughter and laughter.

Zh: “李伟,你把糖放进去了!
En: "Li Wei, you put the sugar in!"

Zh: ”张伟大声笑着说道。
En: Zhang Wei said with a laugh.

Zh: 李伟面红耳赤,承认了自己的大意。
En: Li Wei blushed and admitted his carelessness.

Zh: 他们两个都哈哈大笑起来,忘记了原本要制作的宫保鸡丁。
En: Both of them burst out laughing, forgetting about the Kung Pao Chicken they were supposed to make.

Zh: 教室里的其他学生也被这场意外逗得开怀大笑,整个厨房都充满了欢乐和轻松的氛围。
En: The other students in the classroom were also amused by the accident, and the whole kitchen was full of joy and lightheartedness.

Zh: 尽管他们没有真正制作出宫保鸡丁,但这次错误却变成了一次难忘而有趣的经历。
En: Although they didn't actually make Kung Pao Chicken, the mistake turned into a memorable and fun experience.

Zh: 李伟意识到了自己的粗心大意,同时也体会到了友谊的珍贵。
En: Li Wei realized his carelessness, and at the same time realized the preciousness of friendship.

Zh: 从此以后,李伟和张伟一起参加每一次烹饪班,他们成为最好的搭档。
En: Since then, Li Wei and Zhang Wei have participated in every cooking class together, and they have become the best partners.

Zh: 李伟变得更加细心,而张伟则经常在他们的菜肴中添加一些意外的调料,让大家保持笑声不断。
En: Li Wei became more attentive, while Zhang Wei often added some unexpected spices to their dishes to keep everyone laughing.

Zh: 他们始终记得那个永远不会忘却的糖当盐的有趣时刻,这也成为了他们友谊中的一道美味佳肴。
En: They will always remember that funny moment of sugar as salt that will never be forgotten, and it has become a delicacy in their friendship.

Zh: 无论他们走到哪里,都会让人想起这个小小的失误,以及他们在烹饪班上欢乐的时光。
En: Everywhere they go, it's a reminder of the little misstep and their happy time in cooking class.