English Chatting: Strengthening Friendship and Confidence

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Story Transcript:
Zh: 王涛每天早上都会和自己的两个好朋友张伟和李娜见面,他们会在学校门口聊天,喝杯咖啡,开始新的一天。
En: Wang Tao meets his two good friends Zhang Wei and Li Na every morning.

Zh: 但今天,张伟和李娜计划恶作剧王涛,他们想看看他完全不知所措的表情。
En: They chat at the school gate, drink a cup of coffee, and start a new day.

Zh: 他们相互交流着他们的计划,等待王涛的出现。
En: But today, Zhang Wei and Li Na plan to play a prank on Wang Tao, they want to see his completely bewildered expression.

Zh: 当王涛走到他们在等待的地方时,他看见了两个朋友,非常高兴的走过去。
En: They exchanged their plans with each other, waiting for Wang Tao to appear.

Zh: 但是当他沉浸在他对这个新的一天的期望中时,他们开口了:「Hello, Wang Tao!
En: When Wang Tao walked to the place where they were waiting, he saw two friends and walked over happily.

Zh: 」(你好,王涛!
En: But when he was immersed in his anticipation for this new day, they said: “Hello, Wang Tao!”

Zh: ) 张伟和李娜曾经练习过这个方案,所以他们的发音又标准又流畅。
En: And smooth.

Zh: 这些话在王涛耳中听起来就像外星人的语言。
En: These words sounded like the language of aliens to Wang Tao’s ears.

Zh: 他想着“嘘嘘那是什么?
En: He thought “Shh what’s that?”

Zh: ” 「What’s going on?
En: “What’s going on?”

Zh: 」(发生什么事了?
En: (What happened?)

Zh: )这是他唯一说得出的话。
En: It was the only thing he could say.

Zh: 「你今天怎么样?
En: “How are you today?”

Zh: 」李娜耸耸肩膀,再次使用英语。
En: Li Na shrugged, using English again.

Zh: 接下来的几分钟里,他们谈论了一些王涛永远不会理解的话题,王涛变得非常焦虑。
En: For the next few minutes, they talked about topics that Wang Tao would never understand, and Wang Tao became very anxious.

Zh: 他开始认为他们改变了为朋友付出的规则。
En: He’s starting to think they’ve changed the rules about paying for friends.

Zh: 当他们到达学校的时候,在王涛的笑声中,他正被他的两个朋友牵着鼻子行走。
En: When they arrived at the school, amidst Wang Tao’s laughter, he was being led by the nose by his two friends.

Zh: 但是,在这种英语聊天的游戏中,三个人都变得更亲密了。
En: However, in this game of English chat, all three people became closer.

Zh: 他们变得更加了解他们之间的幽默感和友谊。
En: They become more aware of their sense of humor and friendship.

Zh: 从那天开始,王涛变得更加自信了。
En: From that day on, Wang Tao became more confident.

Zh: 他学习了许多新的英语单词和表达方式。
En: He learned many new English words and expressions.

Zh: 他变得更开朗,对学习英语的兴趣变得更浓厚了,他的两个朋友也同样感到满足。
En: He became more cheerful and interested in learning English, and his two friends were equally satisfied.

Zh: 从今以后,每天早上他们都会说英语聊天,并总是笑得开心和自由。
En: From now on, they chat in English every morning and always have a good laugh and freedom.

Vocabulary Words:
王涛 : Wang Tao
张伟 : Zhang Wei
李娜 : Li Na
早上 : morning
学校门口 : school gate
聊天 : chat
喝 : drink
咖啡 : coffee
新的一天 : new day
恶作剧 : prank
不知所措 : bewildered
表情 : expression
期望 : anticipation
你好 : Hello
语言 : language
外星人 : aliens
发生什么事了? : What’s going on?
焦虑 : anxious
为朋友付出 : paying for friends
笑声 : laughter
幽默感 : sense of humor
友谊 : friendship
自信 : confident
英语单词 : English words
表达方式 : expressions
开朗 : cheerful
感兴趣 : interested
自由 : freedom