Exploring Beijing’s Forbidden City: A Family’s Autumn Adventure

In this episode, we'll journey with Xiaoming and Lili as they uncover the wonders of the Forbidden City, from majestic palaces to serene lotus ponds, making everlasting family memories in Beijing's autumn splendor.

Zh: 在一个太阳明媚的周末,整个北京都沉浸在秋天的美丽中。
En: On a sunny weekend, all of Beijing was immersed in the beauty of autumn.

Zh: 小明和丽丽跟随家人一起去参观美丽的故宫。
En: Xiaoming and Lili went with their family to visit the beautiful Forbidden City.

Zh: 他们一大早就出发了。
En: They set off early in the morning.

Zh: 一路上,小明不停地问爸爸,“故宫有多大呀?” “故宫里有什么好看的呢?”
En: Along the way, Xiaoming kept asking his father, "How big is the Forbidden City?" "What's interesting to see in the Forbidden City?"

Zh: 爸爸笑着说,“到了,你就知道了。”
En: Father, smiling, said, "You'll know when we get there."

Zh: 到了故宫门口,小明和丽丽都睁大了眼睛。
En: At the entrance of the Forbidden City, Xiaoming and Lili opened their eyes wide.

Zh: 红色的宫墙,高大的城门,好像进入了一个神秘的世界。
En: The red palace walls and the tall city gates made it seem like they were entering a mysterious world.

Zh: 一家人买了门票,急切地走进宫门。
En: The family bought tickets and eagerly walked through the gate.

Zh: 故宫里有很多宫殿。
En: There are many palaces in the Forbidden City.

Zh: 第一个宫殿是太和殿。
En: The first palace was the Hall of Supreme Harmony.

Zh: 妈妈说,“这里是皇帝上朝的地方。”
En: Mother said, "This is where the emperor held court."

Zh: 小明看着高大的殿顶,惊讶地说,“这里真漂亮!”
En: Xiaoming looked at the tall palace roof and exclaimed, "It’s so beautiful here!"

Zh: 锋利的琉璃瓦在阳光下闪闪发光。
En: The sharp glazed tiles sparkled in the sunlight.

Zh: 丽丽最喜欢昆明湖的荷花池。
En: Lili's favorite was the lotus pond by Kunming Lake.

Zh: 她对哥哥说,“这些荷花真美啊!”
En: She said to her brother, "These lotuses are really beautiful!"

Zh: 他们在湖边拍了很多照片。
En: They took many photos by the lake.

Zh: 爸爸告诉他们,“这里,每一年都开满了荷花。”
En: Father told them, "Every year, the lotuses bloom here."

Zh: 在历史博物馆里,一家人看到了许多珍贵的文物。
En: In the history museum, the family saw many precious cultural relics.

Zh: 小明指着一个古老的花瓶,说,“这个花瓶好像很值钱。”
En: Xiaoming pointed to an ancient vase and said, "This vase looks very valuable."

Zh: 妈妈点点头,说,“是啊,这是几百年前制作的。”
En: Mother nodded and said, "Yes, it was made hundreds of years ago."

Zh: 一天很快就过去了。
En: The day passed quickly.

Zh: 大家走出故宫时,天色已经暗了下来。
En: As they walked out of the Forbidden City, night had already fallen.

Zh: 小明依依不舍地说,“我还想再来看一次。”
En: Xiaoming, reluctant to leave, said, "I want to come back again."

Zh: 丽丽也点头同意。
En: Lili also nodded in agreement.

Zh: 爸爸笑着说,“没关系,故宫还在这里,以后我们还可以再来。”
En: Father smiled and said, "Don't worry, the Forbidden City will still be here. We can come back another time."

Zh: 妈妈也微笑着,说,“希望你们能记得今天学到的知识。”
En: Mother also smiled and said, "I hope you remember the knowledge you learned today."

Zh: 在回家的路上,小明和丽丽默默地想着今天的经历。
En: On the way home, Xiaoming and Lili silently reflected on their experiences of the day.

Zh: 他们知道,这一天他们不仅看到了美丽的故宫,还学到了许多关于历史的知识。
En: They knew that they had not only seen the beautiful Forbidden City but also learned a lot about history.

Zh: 这个周末,他们过得非常充实,非常开心。
En: That weekend, they had a very fulfilling and happy time.

Zh: 一家人带着愉快的心情,踏上了回家的路。
En: The family, with joyful hearts, set off on the road home.

Zh: 故宫的美丽,留在了他们心中,成为了永远不会忘记的回忆。
En: The beauty of the Forbidden City stayed in their minds, becoming an unforgettable memory.