From Ice Cream Dreams to Stinky Tofu Delights at Tiananmen

Fluent Fiction – Mandarin Chinese Chinese
Story Transcript:
Zh: 在一个晴朗的早晨,蓝天白云,阳光洒满了大地。小明和小华决定去天安门广场玩。
En: On a clear morning, with blue skies and white clouds, and sunlight spreading over the earth, Xiao Ming and Xiao Hua decided to go play at Tiananmen Square.

Zh: 他们期待着这个特别的日子。
En: They were looking forward to this special day.

Zh: 当他们走近广场时,闻到了一股香气。
En: As they approached the square, they smelled a delightful aroma.

Zh: 小明指着远处的小摊说:“小华,你闻到了吗?好香啊!一定是冰激凌!”
En: Xiao Ming pointed to a distant stall and said, “Xiao Hua, do you smell that? It smells so good! It must be ice cream!”

Zh: 小华舔了舔嘴唇,说:“太好了,我最喜欢冰激凌了。我们快去买吧!”
En: Licking his lips, Xiao Hua replied, “Great! I love ice cream the most. Let’s go and buy some!”

Zh: 他们高高兴兴地跑向那个小摊。
En: They happily ran towards the stall.

Zh: 靠近时,小明看到摊主在忙碌地翻炒着什么东西。
En: As they got closer, Xiao Ming noticed the vendor busily stir-frying something.

Zh: 他对小华说:“哦,你看,那个人在做冰激凌呢,一个大锅冰激凌!”
En: He said to Xiao Hua, “Oh, look, that person is making ice cream, a big pot of ice cream!”

Zh: 他们排队等候着。
En: They waited in line.

Zh: 轮到他们时,小明对摊主说:“叔叔,两份冰激凌。”
En: When it was their turn, Xiao Ming said to the vendor, “Uncle, two ice creams, please.”

Zh: 摊主露出一个友善的笑容,说:“不好意思,小朋友,这里没有冰激凌,是臭豆腐。”
En: The vendor smiled kindly and said, “Sorry, kids, there’s no ice cream here. It’s stinky tofu.”

Zh: 小华的脸一下子垮了下来:“什么?臭豆腐?可是我们要冰激凌!”
En: Xiao Hua’s face fell immediately, “What? Stinky tofu? But we want ice cream!”

Zh: 听到这句话,旁边的游客们都笑了起来。
En: Hearing this, the nearby tourists all burst into laughter.

Zh: 小明和小华看着彼此,不知道该怎么办好。
En: Xiao Ming and Xiao Hua looked at each other, not knowing what to do.

Zh: 他们失望地转过身,准备离开。
En: Disappointed, they turned to leave.

Zh: 这时,摊主喊住了他们:“小朋友,你们要不要尝一下臭豆腐?可能会惊喜哦!”
En: Just then, the vendor called out to them, “Kids, would you like to try some stinky tofu? It might surprise you!”

Zh: 小明犹豫了一下,对小华说:“要不我们试试看,反正也没买到冰激凌。”
En: Xiao Ming hesitated for a moment and then said to Xiao Hua, “How about we give it a try? We didn’t get ice cream anyway.”

Zh: 小华点点头。
En: Xiao Hua nodded.

Zh: 摊主给了他们一小份臭豆腐。
En: The vendor handed them a small portion of stinky tofu.

Zh: 小明和小华小心地尝了一口。
En: Xiao Ming and Xiao Hua cautiously took a bite.

Zh: 他们的眼睛一下子亮了起来。
En: Their eyes lit up instantly.

Zh: 小华惊呼道:“哇,这竟然很好吃!”
En: Xiao Hua exclaimed, “Wow, this is actually really delicious!”

Zh: 小明也点点头:“叔叔,再给我们一份。”
En: Xiao Ming nodded in agreement, “Uncle, we’d like another serving.”

Zh: 摊主开心地笑了:“好啊好啊!”
En: The vendor laughed happily, “Sure, sure!”

Zh: 就这样,小明和小华发现了新的美味。
En: In this way, Xiao Ming and Xiao Hua discovered a new delicacy.

Zh: 虽然他们没有买到冰激凌,但他们收获了意外的惊喜。
En: Although they didn’t get ice cream, they ended up with an unexpected surprise.

Zh: 故事的结尾,太阳依然高挂在天安门广场的上空,小明和小华手里拿着臭豆腐,嘴里满是欢笑。
En: In the end, the sun still hung high over Tiananmen Square, and Xiao Ming and Xiao Hua, holding their stinky tofu, were filled with laughter.

Zh: 他们并肩走在广场上,快乐地分享着这段意想不到的美好经历。
En: They walked side by side in the square, joyfully sharing this unexpectedly delightful experience.

Vocabulary Words:
晴朗 : clear
走近 : approached
香气 : aroma
好香 : delightful
摊主 : vendor
忙碌地 : busily
翻炒 : stir-frying
友善地 : kindly
臭豆腐 : stinky tofu
脸垮了 : face fell
笑了起来 : burst into laughter
犹豫 : hesitated
小心地 : cautiously
尝一口 : bite
一下子 : instantly
惊呼 : exclaimed
点头 : nod
发现 : discovered
美味 : delicacy
意外 : unexpected
惊喜 : surprise
高挂 : high over
拿着 : holding
嘴里满是欢笑 : filled with laughter
并肩 : side by side
快乐地 : joyfully
分享 : sharing
特别的日子 : special day
远处 : distant
排队等候 : waited in line