Lost in Translation: A Chance Encounter in Tokyo’s Hidden World

In this episode, we'll embark on a mesmerizing journey through the enchanting world of Tokyo's hidden secrets, as Haruki and Hiroshi uncover the extraordinary tales behind the eccentric characters and vibrant costumes that bring life to this mystical building.

Ja: 繁華街のネオンが煌々と照らす東京。
En: Tokyo, illuminated by dazzling neon lights in its bustling streets.

Ja: その中心地で新たな生活をスタートさせるためにこの都へやってきた春樹は、すでに初日から迷子になるという大失態を演じていた。
En: Haruki, who had come to this city to start a new life, had already managed to get lost on his first day, a great blunder.

Ja: 巷を困惑の色に染めながら、無意識のうちに見知らぬ建物へ踏み入れた春樹。
En: Unconsciously, Haruki entered an unfamiliar building, causing confusion to fill the streets.

Ja: 暗い階段を登り切ると、そこはまるで別世界。
En: As he climbed the dark stairs, he found himself in a completely different world.

Ja: 壁に飾られた様々なカラフルな仮装や、人々が集うカウンター、そして注目すべきは美しい桜のコスプレをした女性と、意気揚々とスーパーヒーローコスチュームを纏った男性、博だった。
En: Colorful costumes adorned the walls, a counter where people gathered, and most notably, a beautiful woman dressed as a cherry blossom and a man full of confidence in a superhero costume, named Hiroshi.

Ja: 「何かお探しですか、新人さん?
En: "Are you looking for something, newbie?"

Ja: 」と博が春樹に声をかけた。
En: Hiroshi called out to Haruki.

Ja: ただただ迷っていた春樹は、思わず「
En: Lost and bewildered, Haruki couldn't help but blurt out, "