Mysteries of the Forbidden City: A Young Explorer’s Discovery

In this episode, we'll join Xiao Ming, Lili, and Wei Qiang on a thrilling educational excursion through the Forbidden City, uncovering its rich history and hidden stories.

Zh: 在一个晴朗的早晨,太阳刚刚升起。
En: On a bright morning, the sun had just risen.

Zh: 小明、丽丽和伟强三个人在学校门口集合。
En: Xiao Ming, Lili, and Wei Qiang gathered at the school gate.

Zh: 今天,他们要去北京故宫参加一次非常特别的历史文化考察。
En: Today, they were going to the Forbidden City in Beijing to participate in a very special historical and cultural excursion.

Zh: 大家都很兴奋,因为故宫是一个充满神秘和故事的地方。
En: Everyone was excited because the Forbidden City is a place full of mystery and stories.

Zh: 他们乘坐大巴出发了,沿途路过许多高楼大厦。
En: They took a coach and set off, passing by many skyscrapers along the way.

Zh: 伟强指着窗外说:“看,那是天安门!”
En: Wei Qiang pointed out the window and said, ""Look, that's Tiananmen!"

Zh: 大家纷纷向窗外看去。
En: Everyone immediately looked out the window.

Zh: 到了故宫门口,导游阿姨已经在那里等候。
En: When they arrived at the entrance of the Forbidden City, the tour guide, an auntie, was already waiting there.

Zh: 她带领大家进入了这个古老而庄严的皇宫。
En: She led everyone into this ancient and solemn imperial palace.

Zh: 阿姨开始讲解:“故宫是明清两代皇帝的皇宫,已有近六百年的历史。”
En: The tour guide began to explain, ""The Forbidden City was the imperial palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties, and it has nearly six hundred years of history."

Zh: 走过长长的红色城墙,他们来到了太和殿。
En: After walking past long red walls, they arrived at the Hall of Supreme Harmony.

Zh: 小明问:“阿姨,这里是干什么的?”
En: Xiao Ming asked, “Auntie, what is this place for?”

Zh: 导游阿姨笑着回答:“这是皇帝举行大典的地方。”
En: The tour guide smiled and replied, “This is where the emperor held grand ceremonies.”

Zh: 在整个考察过程中,丽丽一直拿着笔记本认真地记录每一个细节。
En: Throughout the excursion, Lili kept taking notes diligently.

Zh: 她觉得这里的一切都好神奇。
En: She found everything here so fascinating.

Zh: 小明则不停地拍照,想把这些美丽的景色记下来。
En: Xiao Ming, on the other hand, kept taking photos to capture the beautiful scenery.

Zh: 伟强喜欢听导游阿姨讲的故事,他觉得故宫里的每一块砖都有一个故事。
En: Wei Qiang enjoyed listening to the stories told by the tour guide; he felt that every brick in the Forbidden City had a story.

Zh: 忽然,天上开始飘起了小雨。
En: Suddenly, light rain began to fall from the sky.

Zh: 导游阿姨说:“我们去乾清宫躲一躲雨吧。”
En: The tour guide said, “Let's go to the Palace of Heavenly Purity to take shelter from the rain.”

Zh: 大家跑进了乾清宫,发现里面非常宽敞。
En: Everyone ran into the Palace of Heavenly Purity and found it very spacious inside.

Zh: 小明看到一张金色的龙椅,问:“那是皇帝的座位吗?”
En: Xiao Ming saw a golden dragon chair and asked, “Is that the emperor's seat?”

Zh: 阿姨点点头。
En: The guide nodded.

Zh: 雨停了。
En: The rain stopped.

Zh: 大家继续他们的探索之旅。
En: They continued their exploration journey.

Zh: 最后,他们来到了御花园。
En: Finally, they arrived at the Imperial Garden.

Zh: 这里有许多美丽的花草树木,还有一些古老的石狮子。
En: There were many beautiful flowers, plants, and trees, as well as some ancient stone lions.

Zh: 丽丽站在一棵大树下,感叹道:“真希望这里的树能告诉我们过去的故事。”
En: Lili stood under a big tree and sighed, “I really wish the trees here could tell us the stories of the past.”

Zh: 一天的考察结束了,大家回到了学校。
En: The day's excursion ended, and they returned to school.

Zh: 小明、丽丽和伟强都感到非常充实。
En: Xiao Ming, Lili, and Wei Qiang felt very fulfilled.

Zh: 小明说:“今天真是大开眼界,我们学到了很多。”
En: Xiao Ming said, “Today was an eye-opener; we learned a lot.”

Zh: 丽丽也点头同意:“我一定要写一篇关于故宫的作文。”
En: Lili nodded in agreement, “I am definitely going to write an essay about the Forbidden City.”

Zh: 伟强最后说:“这次考察让我更加了解了我们的历史。”
En: Wei Qiang added, “This excursion has made me understand our history even better.”

Zh: 他们都觉得,这不仅仅是一次考察,更是一次难忘的学习之旅。
En: They all felt that this was not just an excursion, but an unforgettable learning journey.

Zh: 这一天将在他们的记忆中,久久不忘。
En: This day would stay in their memories for a long time.