Subway Game Show: Haruki’s Journey of Rediscovery

In this episode, we'll take a thrilling journey with Haruki as he awakens to a world of mystery and excitement in the bustling streets of Tokyo, where the question of "Which animal likes mushrooms?" leads him on an unexpected adventure that ultimately leads him back home.

Ja: 東京、喧騒と閉塞が共存する巨大都市。都会人の空間と時間が交差する地下鉄の中で、一人の男が目を覚ます。名前は春樹。鰹の刺身のように淡泊だが、根深く人懐っこい性格の彼は、自分がどうやってここに来たのか、という記憶を失っていた。
En: Tokyo, a massive city where bustling and stagnation coexist. In the underground subway where urbanites' space-time intersects, a man awakens. His name is Haruki. He has a mild and unassuming personality, like sashimi of bonito, but deep down, he is friendly. He had lost his memory of how he came to be here.

Ja: 彼の周りは無数の人々で溢れ、ラッシュアワーの音が耳に近づいて来ていた。しかし、その混衆の中には知り合いの顔は一つも見つけられない。人々は皆、機械的に時間に追われ、無表情に目的地に向かっていた。春樹が心の中で囁いた。「おい、皆、どこへ行くんだ?」
En: Surrounded by countless people, the sound of rush hour was approaching his ears. However, among the crowded people, he couldn't find a familiar face. Everyone mechanically chased after time, expressionless as they headed towards their destinations. Haruki whispered in his mind, "Hey, where is everyone going?"

Ja: 「キノコが好きなのは何の動物ですか?」不意に、車内アナウンスが機械的に問い掛ける。彼は振り返り、管制室の方向に目を向け、そして、初めてその存在に気付いた。これは地下鉄ではなく、なんと、テレビゲームショーの現場だった。
En: "Suddenly, the subway announcement mechanically asked, "Which animal likes mushrooms?" He turned around, directed his gaze towards the control room, and finally noticed its existence. This was not the subway, but rather, the set of a television game show.

Ja: 質問が鳴り響き、客席からは手が多数挙がる。しかし、春樹だけは別に何も手に持っていない。「キノコが好きな動物……」彼はよく考えた末、何気なく口に出した。「それはリスだ」。瞬間、スポットライトが春樹の方へと向けられる。彼はかくして参加者に選ばれた。
En: Questions echoed, and many hands were raised from the audience. However, Haruki had nothing in his hands. "Which animal likes mushrooms..." After thinking for a moment, he casually said, "It's a squirrel." Instantly, the spotlight turned towards Haruki. And so, he was chosen as a participant.

Ja: 帰路を失い、疲れ果てていた春樹にとって、これは思わぬ展開だったが、彼は諦めることなくアナウンサーの質問に沿って答えていった。疲労と混乱、そして緊張が次第に晴れていく。そして遂に、最終問題へ。
En: For Haruki, who had lost his way and was exhausted, this was an unexpected turn of events. But he continued to answer the host's questions without giving up. Fatigue, confusion, and nervousness gradually disappeared. And finally, it was the final question.

Ja: 「東京の名地、浅草にある観光名所は?」春樹はためらいもせずに答えた。「それは雷門だ」 瞬間、周囲は沸き立った。春樹は見事に優勝し、賞品として得たのは一つの地図だった。地図を手にした彼は、混乱の中から逃れ、安堵の笑みを浮かべた。彼の帰路がそこに繋がっていた。
En: "What is the famous tourist spot in Asakusa, a famous place in Tokyo?" Haruki answered without hesitation, "It's the Kaminarimon gate." Instantly, the surroundings erupted. Haruki won splendidly, and the prize he received was a map. Holding the map, he escaped from the chaos and had a relieved smile. His route home was right there.

Ja: ふと見上げると地下鉄の窓には「浅草」の駅名が映し出されていた。誰もが日常の中を何気なく過ごしていても、生活の中には必ず驚きと冒険が待っている。春樹の日常も、また一つ、特別な一日を迎えたのだった。
En: Looking up, the subway window displayed the station name "Asakusa". Even if everyone goes about their daily lives casually, surprises and adventures are always waiting in life. Haruki's ordinary day had also welcomed a special day.