Sushi Mishaps: A Spicy Surprise at Sushi Ichi

In this episode, we'll dive into the spicy mishap that deepened the friendship of Hiroshi, Sakura, and Kazuki during a hilarious sushi encounter at Sushi Ichi.

Ja: 東京の賑やかな街角に位置する小さな寿司屋「鮨一」。この地元で愛される店の常連客であるヒロシ、サクラ、そしてカズキは、この日もカウンターに座っていた。いつものように魚介のネタを一つひとつ丁寧に握る板前の手つきが、三人の会話を和ませていた。
En: In a lively street corner of Tokyo, there was a small sushi restaurant called "Sushi Ichi". Hiroshi, Sakura, and Kazuki, regular customers who were loved in the local area, were sitting at the counter that day. The skilful movements of the sushi chef carefully preparing each piece of seafood attracted the attention of the three, harmonizing with their conversation.

Ja: のどすがるビールとともに並べられた鮨のひとつ、ヒロシの視線を惹きつける美しい緑色の一品があった。「それって新しいネタ?」彼はふと尋ねると、板前からは「本日の特盛り、新鮮なアボカドですよ」と返事が返ってきた。
En: Among the sushi placed on the counter, there was one beautiful green dish that caught Hiroshi's eye. "Is that a new ingredient?" he asked suddenly. In response, the chef said, "Today's special, fresh avocado."

Ja: ヒロシは思わずニッコリと笑みを浮かべ、取り皿にその一品を移した。「アボカド好きなんだよね、俺」と彼はまるで子供のような笑顔でいうと、サクラとカズキも楽しげにうなずいた。
En: Hiroshi couldn't help but smile and moved the dish to his plate. "I really like avocados," he said with a childlike smile, and Sakura and Kazuki nodded happily.

Ja: だが、一口食べた瞬間、ヒロシの顔色は一変した。彼の口の中で広がるのは、アボカドのクリーミーな味わいではなく、鼻を突き刺すような辛さだった。それは彼が誤解していたアボカドではなく、実は大量のワサビだったのだ。
En: However, the moment Hiroshi took a bite, his expression changed completely. Instead of the creamy taste of avocado, what spread in his mouth was a piercing spiciness. It turned out that it wasn't avocado, as Hiroshi had misunderstood, but actually a large amount of wasabi.

Ja: その一部始終を見ていたサクラとカズキは笑いを押し殺すことができず、大笑いを爆発させた。「ヒロシ、それワサビだよ」とサクラが指をさしながら笑って言うと、ヒロシは驚きとともに苦笑いを浮かべた。
En: Sakura and Kazuki, who had witnessed the whole thing, couldn't contain their laughter and burst into laughter. "Hiroshi, that's wasabi," Sakura laughed while pointing, and Hiroshi smiled with surprise and embarrassment.

Ja: この日、彼らの笑い声が「鮨一」店内にこだわり、これもまた三人の楽しい思い出のひとつとなった。失敗は笑いに変わり、友情はさらに深まった。そしてヒロシは、アボカドとワサビの見分け方を心に刻み込んだのであった。
En: On that day, their laughter echoed throughout the "Sushi Ichi" restaurant, becoming yet another happy memory for the three. Failure turned into laughter, and their friendship deepened even further. And Hiroshi engraved in his heart the way to distinguish between avocado and wasabi.