The Night Market’s Eternal Bond: A Tale of Friendship and Bargains

Fluent Fiction – Mandarin Chinese Chinese
Story Transcript:
Zh: 在黑沉沉的天空中,一串串明亮的荧光灯光,锦绣地点缀着市场的每个角落。
En: In the dark sky, strings of bright fluorescent lights adorned every corner of the market.

Zh: 张伟和李明,两位久未谋面的老友,正在此地品味着那世俗的热闹和年代的沉淀。
En: Zhang Wei and Li Ming, two long-lost friends, were savoring the hustle and bustle of the secular world and the sediment of the times at this place.

Zh: 他们在游走于这繁华夜市的巷弄间,欢笑着,喧闹着,与这夜市的热烈融为一体。
En: They wandered through the bustling night market alleyways, laughing and merging with the fervor of the night market.

Zh: 在一家古色古香的摊档前,他们的目光被一件骏马纪念品吸引。
En: In front of a quaint stall, their eyes were drawn to a horse-themed souvenir.

Zh: 这件纪念品细腻逼真,如飞驰而过的骏马,让人看了就忍不住想把它带回家。
En: The delicate and lifelike craftsmanship made it look like a galloping horse passing by, tempting people to take it home.

Zh: “多少钱?
En: “How much?”

Zh: ”张伟看着老板,问道。
En: Zhang Wei asked the shopkeeper, while Li Ming stood beside with a shrewd smile, being skilled in negotiating.

Zh: 李明旁边露出精明的微笑,他善于讨价还价,眼斜斜地看着张伟,眼神里充满戏谑。
En: He glanced at Zhang Wei mischievously, his eyes full of playfulness.

Zh: “20元。
En: “20 yuan,” the shopkeeper replied simply, leaving Zhang Wei slightly stunned.

Zh: ”老板朴实的回答,让张伟有点愣住。
En: Li Ming winked at him and said, “We would like to bargain.”

Zh: 李明冲他挤挤眼,然后开口道:“我们想讲价。
En: But the shopkeeper shook his head, “The price is already fair, I cannot lower it any further.”

Zh: ”但老板摇摇头说:“这个价格已经很公道了,我不能再降了。
En: Zhang Wei and Li Ming exchanged a surprised look.

Zh: ”张伟和李明互看一眼,都有些讶异。
En: They had expected the souvenir to be expensive due to its exquisite appearance, planning to bargain, but it turned out to be cheaper than they had anticipated.

Zh: 他们原本以为这个纪念品会由于外表华丽而贵重,打算开始讲价,没想到却比预期的便宜。
En: Li Ming flashed a dazzling smile and said, “Then give us two.”

Zh: 李明眨眨眩光炯炯的眼睛,笑道:“那就给我们两个吧。
En: The packaging of the souvenir was exquisite.

Zh: ”纪念品的包装精美,李明拿在手里,把玩着,满意地笑了笑。
En: Li Ming held it in his hands, playing with it, and smiled contentedly.

Zh: 看着手里的纪念品,他们又想起了一些共同的回忆。
En: Looking at the souvenir in his hand, they reminisced about some shared memories.

Zh: 那么繁华的夜市,也许只有他们两个人,能拥有如此深厚的友谊。
En: In such a bustling night market, perhaps only the two of them could have such a deep friendship.

Zh: 小小的纪念品,映照出的却是他们深厚的情谊,讲价的过程虽然少了喧嚣,但在这平淡中更显得友情的可贵。
En: The small souvenir reflected their profound bond, and though the bargaining process was less noisy, it highlighted the preciousness of their friendship in this ordinary moment.

Zh: 夜市的霓虹灯在他们身后闪烁,夜市的人来人往,他们俩的身影也逐渐消失在热闹的人群中。
En: The neon lights of the night market blinked behind them as people came and went, and their figures gradually disappeared into the bustling crowd.

Zh: 他们的友情与这纪念品一样,经得起岁月的考验,永不减色。
En: Their friendship, like the souvenir, could withstand the test of time and never fade.

Vocabulary Words:
市场 : market
朋友 : friend
热闹 : hustle and bustle
夜市 : night market
巷弄 : alleyways
古色古香 : quaint
摊档 : stall
纪念品 : souvenir
工艺 : craftsmanship
骏马 : horse-themed
诱人 : tempting
老板 : shopkeeper
讨价还价 : negotiating
讲价 : bargain
包装 : packaging
精美 : exquisite
满意地 : contentedly
共同回忆 : shared memories
深厚 : profound
情谊 : bond
可贵 : preciousness
喧嚣 : noisy
霓虹灯 : neon lights
岁月的考验 : test of time
减色 : fade
消失 : vanished
身影 : figures
经得起 : withstand
闪烁 : blinked