The Scent of Chicken Soup: Zhang Wei’s Dance Party Journey

In this episode, we'll follow Zhang Wei's journey as he navigates the bustling Shanghai market, faces embarrassing moments, and discovers that even the scent of chicken soup can become a captivating charm at a dance party.

Zh: 在上海的心脏,一个繁忙的市场,这里的气氛就像煮沸的水一样,又忙又热。商贩们吆喝声此起彼伏,买卖的热闹呼啦啦地流淌着,正是这里,张伟的一天开始了。
En: In the heart of Shanghai, a bustling market, the atmosphere here is like boiling water, busy and hot. Shouts from the vendors fill the air, and the hustle and bustle of buying and selling flows swiftly. It is here that Zhang Wei's day begins.

Zh: 张伟,一个平凡的上海男子,上午在市场摆摊,炖着名声在外的鲜湄公鸡汤。今天他特别期待,因为他将在晚上参加一场舞会,和他心中的女神王静共舞。他穿上蓝色的衬衫,刻意在身上留了一点汤味,想要用这种独特的鸡汤男人味,吸引王静的注意。
En: Zhang Wei, an ordinary Shanghai man, sets up his stall in the market in the morning, stewing the famous and well-known Fresh and Fragrant Chicken Soup. Today he is particularly excited because he will be attending a dance party in the evening, dancing with his goddess, Wang Jing. He puts on a blue shirt and intentionally leaves a hint of soup odor on himself, hoping to attract Wang Jing's attention with this unique aroma of chicken soup masculinity.

Zh: 然而,张伟的运气似乎并不是很好。他在为一位顾客盛鸡汤时,一不小心,热汤洒了一身。衬衫瞬间湿漉漉的,鸡汤味更加浓郁了,周围的人都忍不住笑出声来。尤其是他的朋友刘洋,看到他这个样子,更是笑得前俯后仰。
En: However, Zhang Wei's luck does not seem to be very good. As he was serving soup to a customer, he accidentally spilled hot soup all over himself. His shirt instantly became wet and drenched, and the smell of chicken soup became even stronger. The people around couldn't help but burst into laughter. Especially his friend Liu Yang, seeing him in this state, laughed uncontrollably.

Zh: 夕阳西下,张伟独自走进了舞会。大家都以异样的眼光看他,那种鸡汤味都快要让人掩鼻而过。王静也在场,她皱了皱眉,看着张伟,似乎有点儿疑惑。
En: As the sun set, Zhang Wei walked into the dance party alone. Everyone looked at him with strange eyes, as if the smell of chicken soup was making them wrinkle their noses. Wang Jing was also present, and she frowned, looking at Zhang Wei, seeming a bit puzzled.

Zh: 张伟尽管尴尬,却鼓起勇气走向王静,邀请她共舞。王静犹豫了一下,最终还是接受了他的邀请。在舞池中,张伟跳出了一段笨拙的舞蹈,王静看着他的样子忍不住笑出声,刘洋在一旁更是笑得止不住。
En: Despite the embarrassment, Zhang Wei gathered up the courage to approach Wang Jing and invite her to dance. Wang Jing hesitated for a moment, but ultimately accepted his invitation. On the dance floor, Zhang Wei performed a clumsy dance, and Wang Jing couldn't help but laugh at his appearance. Liu Yang, on the other hand, couldn't stop laughing.

Zh: 尽管如此,张伟并没有放弃,他笨拙的动作,却带给了王静别样的快乐。王静看着他满身的鸡汤味,突然觉得他很特别,让人印象深刻。
En: Nevertheless, Zhang Wei did not give up. His awkward moves brought a different kind of joy to Wang Jing. Looking at him covered in the smell of chicken soup, she suddenly felt that he was special and left a lasting impression.

Zh: 故事结束时,尽管张伟并没有赢得王静的心,但他却赢得了大家的尊重和理解。他的鸡汤味,也变成了那个舞会上最独特的台词,让每个人都记住了他。
En: At the end of the story, although Zhang Wei did not win Wang Jing's heart, he earned the respect and understanding of everyone. His scent of chicken soup became the most unique line at that dance party, and everyone remembered him.

Zh: 这就是张伟的故事,一个普通的摊主,却有着特别的味道和坚持,即使笑话也能化为最独特的魅力,足以吸引人的目光。
En: This is Zhang Wei's story. An ordinary stall owner with a special flavor and persistence. Even jokes can turn into unique charm, enough to attract people's attention.