Xiao Ming’s Fainting at the Forbidden City

In this episode, we'll take you on a journey to the Forbidden City where an unexpected health scare tests the bonds of friendship and the kindness of strangers.

Zh: 北京,晴空万里。
En: Beijing, with a clear and sunny sky.

Zh: 小明、丽丽和建国一起去故宫玩。
En: Xiao Ming, Lili, and Jianguo went to visit the Forbidden City together.

Zh: 故宫很大,很漂亮。
En: The Forbidden City was huge and beautiful.

Zh: 三个人走在红墙边,看着金色屋顶,心情很好。
En: The three of them walked alongside the red walls, gazing at the golden rooftops, feeling in high spirits.

Zh: 他们走到乾清宫,那里人很多。
En: They arrived at the Palace of Heavenly Purity, where there were many people.

Zh: 小明看着古老的建筑,觉得这里很神奇。
En: Xiao Ming looked at the ancient buildings and felt that the place was magical.

Zh: 突然,小明感到头晕,眼前一黑,倒在地上。
En: Suddenly, Xiao Ming felt dizzy, his vision went dark, and he collapsed to the ground.

Zh: 丽丽和建国吓坏了,赶紧叫人帮忙。
En: Lili and Jianguo were terrified and quickly called for help.

Zh: “快来人啊!有人晕倒了!”丽丽大声叫道。
En: "Someone come quickly! Someone has fainted!" Lili shouted loudly.

Zh: 周围的人听见,立刻围了过来。
En: The people around heard and immediately gathered.

Zh: 一个热心的游客跑过去,看了看小明,说:“我是一名医生,我来帮忙。”
En: A kind-hearted tourist ran over, took a look at Xiao Ming, and said, "I am a doctor, let me help."

Zh: 医生检查了小明的脉搏和呼吸,发现他需要紧急救助。
En: The doctor checked Xiao Ming's pulse and breath, discovering that he needed urgent assistance.

Zh: 建国马上掏出手机,拨打急救电话。
En: Jianguo immediately took out his phone and dialed the emergency number.

Zh: “120,请快来故宫乾清宫,有人昏倒了。”他说。
En: "120, please come to the Palace of Heavenly Purity in the Forbidden City, someone has fainted," he said.

Zh: 不久,救护车来了,两名急救人员迅速把小明抬上担架。
En: Soon, an ambulance arrived, and two paramedics quickly put Xiao Ming on a stretcher.

Zh: 丽丽和建国跟着救护车,一起去了医院。
En: Lili and Jianguo followed the ambulance to the hospital.

Zh: 到了医院,医生立刻为小明做检查。
En: At the hospital, the doctor immediately conducted an examination on Xiao Ming.

Zh: 幸运的是,小明只是因为天气太热,加上他没怎么喝水,所以晕倒了。
En: Fortunately, Xiao Ming had only fainted due to the hot weather and not drinking enough water.

Zh: 医生给他打了点滴,小明慢慢醒了过来。
En: The doctor gave him an IV drip, and Xiao Ming slowly regained consciousness.

Zh: 丽丽和建国松了一口气,他们握着小明的手,安慰他说:“你没事太好了,我们以后要多注意休息和喝水。”
En: Lili and Jianguo breathed a sigh of relief; they held Xiao Ming's hand and comforted him, saying, "It's great you're okay. From now on, we need to take more breaks and drink plenty of water."

Zh: 小明点点头,微笑着说:“谢谢你们,如果没有你们和那些好心人,我真的不知道会怎么样。”
En: Xiao Ming nodded and smiled, "Thank you. Without you and those kind people, I really don't know what would have happened."

Zh: 从此以后,小明、丽丽和建国变得更加小心,
En: From then on, Xiao Ming, Lili, and Jianguo became more cautious.

Zh: 他们决定每次出门都要带足够的水,还要留意天气预报。
En: They decided to always carry enough water and check the weather forecast before going out.

Zh: 这次的经历让他们感受到了朋友的关心和陌生人的帮助,他们更加珍惜每一天的生活。
En: This experience made them feel the care of friends and the aid of strangers, and they cherished every day of their lives even more.

Zh: 故事就这样结束了,
En: And so, the story ends.

Zh: 三个朋友在未来的日子里继续快乐地探索美丽的世界。
En: The three friends continued to happily explore the beautiful world in the days to come.