Go for Grandeur: A Beijing Night

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Go for Grandeur: A Beijing Night

Story Transcript:
Zh: 北京郊外,夜空中繁星点点,柔和的灯光照亮了爷爷奶奶国龙和余正和心爱的孙女岳琳下围棋的小院。
En: On the outskirts of Beijing, the stars shone brightly in the night sky, casting a soft light on the small courtyard where the grandparents Guo-Long and Yu were playing a game of Go with their beloved granddaughter Yuelin.

Zh: 月琳喜欢看望爷爷奶奶,下围棋乐此不疲。
En: Yuelin loved to visit her grandparents, and never tired of the game of Go.

Zh: 这是策略和运气的完美结合,这一次她志在必得。
En: It was the perfect blend of strategy and luck and she was determined to win this time.

Zh: 她仔细地看着祖父把木块移过木板。
En: She watched carefully as her grandfather moved the wooden pieces across the board.

Zh: 他出手时会意地笑了笑,月琳吓得胃里一紧。
En: He smiled knowingly as he made his move and Yuelin felt her stomach tighten with fear.

Zh: 她确信自己做了一个错误的举动;她的祖父肯定会打败她。
En: She was sure she had made a bad move; her grandfather was sure to beat her.

Zh: 比赛继续进行,院子里的紧张气氛向外扩散。
En: The game continued, the tension in the courtyard radiating outwards.

Zh: 岳琳和她的祖父似乎几个小时都没有动过,直到国龙终于采取行动。
En: Neither Yuelin nor her grandfather moved for what felt like hours, until finally Guo-Long made his move.

Zh: 月琳的心在胸口狂跳。
En: Yuelin's heart leapt in her chest.

Zh: 她赢了!
En: She had won!

Zh: 月琳激动不已,跳起来抱住爷爷,差点把木板撞倒。
En: Yuelin couldn't contain her excitement as she jumped up and wrapped her arms around her grandfather, nearly knocking the board over in the process.

Zh: 岳琳的外祖母玉高兴得拍手称快,三人一起庆祝,欣喜若狂地笑了起来。
En: Yuelin's grandmother Yu clapped her hands in delight and the three of them celebrated together, laughing in joy and relief.

Zh: 月琳知道自己终于掌握了围棋,并为是她亲爱的祖父母帮助她实现这一目标而感到自豪。
En: Yuelin knew that she had finally mastered the game of Go, and felt proud that her beloved grandparents had been the ones to help her reach this goal.

Zh: 她感谢他们的指导和耐心,并承诺很快会回来玩。
En: She thanked them both for their guidance and patience, and promised to come back to play again soon.

Zh: 夜空中繁星闪烁,月琳和爷爷奶奶道别,她踏上了回家的路。
En: The stars continued to twinkle in the night sky as Yuelin and her grandparents said their goodbyes and she made her way home.

Zh: 月琳心里有一种深深的满足感,她知道自己终于达到了目的,很享受和爷爷奶奶在一起的时光。
En: Yuelin felt a deep sense of satisfaction, knowing that she had finally achieved her goal and enjoyed the time spent with her grandparents.

Zh: 她知道她永远不会忘记他们在北京郊区下围棋的特殊时刻。
En: She knew that she would never forget the special moments they shared playing the game of Go on the outskirts of Beijing.

Vocabulary Words:
国龙 : Guo-Long
余 : Yu
岳琳 : Yuelin
北京 : Beijing
繁星 : stars
夜空 : night sky
小院 : small courtyard
围棋 : Go
策略 : strategy
运气 : luck
木块 : wooden pieces
木板 : board
紧张 : tension
小时 : hours
祖父 : grandfather
外祖母 : grandmother
拍手 : clapped
高兴 : delight
庆祝 : celebrated
欣喜 : joy
掌握 : master
指导 : guidance
耐心 : patience
目标 : goal
特殊时刻 : special moments
闪烁 : twinkle
满足感 : satisfaction
深深感 : deep sense
达到 : achieved