Staying Home: A Family’s Joyous Holiday

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Staying Home: A Family’s Joyous Holiday

Story Transcript:
Zh: 台北市的灯火已经开始暗淡下来,黄家在台湾郊外度过了一个欢乐的假期。
En: The bright lights of the city of Taipei had already begun to dim as the Huang family celebrated their joyous holiday on the outskirts of Taiwan.

Zh: 明和黄,他们的两个孩子健和欣,还有他们的大家庭和朋友,让小农场充满了欢声笑语。
En: Ming and Huang, their two children Jian and Xin, and their extended family and friends filled the small farm with laughter and joy.

Zh: 黄和明是一对幸福的夫妻,他们多年前从大陆来到这里寻找更好的生活。
En: Huang and Ming were a happy couple who had come from the mainland many years ago in search of a better life.

Zh: 他们建造了一个成功的农场,他们的两个孩子在那里长大。
En: They had built a successful farm, where their two children had grown up.

Zh: 农场现在是一个美丽、郁郁葱葱的地方,成为家人和朋友聚会的特殊场所。
En: The farm was now a beautiful, lush place that had become a special spot for family and friends to gather.

Zh: 健和鑫从小就是好朋友,现在都十几岁了。
En: Jian and Xin had grown up as close friends and were now teenagers.

Zh: 健是个聪明好学的年轻人,辛是个有才华的艺术家。
En: Jian was a bright young man with a passion for learning, and Xin was a talented artist.

Zh: 两人都考上了内地名牌大学,对未来充满期待。
En: They had both been accepted into prestigious universities on the mainland and were eagerly looking forward to their future.

Zh: 黄和明虽然为孩子们感到骄傲,但也担心他们离家出走。
En: Although Huang and Ming were proud of their children, they worried about them leaving home.

Zh: 他们知道大陆是一个非常不同的地方,希望他们的孩子做好准备。
En: They knew the mainland was a very different place and wanted their children to be prepared.

Zh: 所以,他们决定和所有的亲朋好友一起举办一个欢乐的节日庆祝活动,让他们的孩子有机会最后一次享受家庭的温暖和爱。
En: So, they had decided to throw a joyous holiday celebration with all of their friends and relatives to give their children a chance to enjoy the warmth and love of the family one last time.

Zh: 假期的日子很美好。
En: The day of the holiday was beautiful.

Zh: 阳光明媚,家人和朋友围坐在餐桌旁享受美味的盛宴。
En: The sun shone brightly as the family and their friends gathered around the table to enjoy a delicious feast.

Zh: 孩子们分享了他们的冒险故事,大人们为孩子们的未来干杯。
En: The children shared stories of their adventures and the adults toasted to their children’s future.

Zh: 随着日子一天天过去,黄某和明对孩子的离去越来越担心。
En: As the day went on, Huang and Ming became increasingly anxious about their children’s departure.

Zh: 他们知道自己的孩子即将踏上艰难的旅程,却无力保护他们。
En: They knew their children were about to embark on a difficult journey and felt powerless to protect them.

Zh: 当一家人围坐在篝火旁享受假期的最后时刻时,太阳已经落山,星星开始在夜空中闪耀。
En: The sun had set and the stars were beginning to shine in the night sky when the family gathered around a bonfire to enjoy the last moments of the holiday.

Zh: 顿时,简和鑫对视一眼,都笑了。
En: Suddenly, Jian and Xin looked at each other and smiled.

Zh: 简说:“我们决定留在这里。
En: Jian said, “We have decided to stay here.

Zh: 我们想把这里当作我们的家,一起在这里生活。
En: We want to make this our home and build a life here together.

Zh: ”黄明二人又惊又喜。
En: ”

Huang and Ming were startled and overjoyed.

Zh: 他们拥抱了他们的孩子,感谢他们留下来,感谢他们给了他们让家人团聚的机会。
En: They hugged their children and thanked them for staying and for giving them the chance to keep the family together.

Zh: 既然他们的孩子决定留下来,庆祝活动就更加欢乐了。
En: The celebration was even more joyous now that their children had decided to stay.

Zh: 大家欢喜到深夜,为以后的事做了打算。
En: Everyone rejoiced late into the night and made plans for the future.

Zh: Huang 和 Ming 知道他们的孩子做出了正确的决定,他们可以在台湾郊区看着他们成长并实现他们的梦想。
En: Huang and Ming knew that their children had made the right decision and that they would be able to watch them grow and achieve their dreams, right here on the outskirts of Taiwan.

Vocabulary Words:
黄 : Huang
明 : Ming
健 : Jian
欣 : Xin
台北市 : Taipei
台湾 : Taiwan
农场 : farm
家庭 : family
朋友 : friends
大陆 : mainland
生活 : life
郁郁葱葱 : lush
场所 : spot
名牌 : prestigious
大学 : universities
冒险 : adventures
热情 : passion
艺术家 : artist
担心 : anxious
离去 : departure
无力 : empower
太阳 : sun
星星 : stars
篝火 : bonfire
笑 : smile
决定 : decided
留下 : stay
欢乐 : joyous
干杯 : toast
保护 : protect