The Daisy Crown’s Courage

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The Daisy Crown’s Courage

Story Transcript:
Zh: 阳光明媚,鸟语花香,空气中弥漫着樱花的清香。
En: The sun was shining, birds were chirping, and the air was filled with the sweet smell of cherry blossoms.

Zh: 这是郑家在台湾乡村野餐的完美日子。
En: It was the perfect day for a picnic in the Taiwanese countryside for the Cheng family.

Zh: 梅花在郁郁葱葱的绿草地上铺了一条毯子,打开了一个装满自制点心的篮子。
En: Mei-Hua spread a blanket on the lush, green grass and opened a basket filled with homemade treats.

Zh: 她的小女儿李满脸笑容地跑来跑去,头上戴着一顶雏菊花冠。
En: Her young daughter, Li, ran around with a big smile on her face and a daisy crown perched atop her head.

Zh: 程坐在毯子中央,眼里满是怜爱地看着他的家人。
En: Cheng sat in the middle of the blanket and watched his family with fondness in his eyes.

Zh: 他简直不敢相信自己有这么好的家庭是多么幸运。
En: He couldn't believe how lucky he was to have such a wonderful family.

Zh: 突然,一阵风吹过樱花树,花瓣如雨点般落在程家身上。
En: Suddenly, a gust of wind blew through the cherry blossom trees and sent a shower of petals raining down on the Chengs.

Zh: 丽高兴地尖叫起来,四处奔跑,想要抓住手中的花瓣。
En: Li squealed with delight and ran around, trying to catch the petals in her hands.

Zh: Cheng 和 Mei-Hua 看着他们的女儿在美丽的粉色和白色花瓣中笑着玩耍。
En: Cheng and Mei-Hua watched as their daughter laughed and played in the beautiful pink and white petals.

Zh: 光是这一幕,就足以让程的心潮澎湃。
En: The sight was enough to make Cheng's heart swell with joy.

Zh: 下午剩下的时间里,程家在乡下享受着野餐。
En: For the rest of the afternoon, the Chengs enjoyed their picnic in the countryside.

Zh: 他们吃着美味的食物,在草地上玩游戏。
En: They ate their delicious treats and played games in the grass.

Zh: 但他们平静的下午很快就被摩托车引擎的声音打断了。
En: But their peaceful afternoon was soon interrupted by the sound of a motorcycle engine.

Zh: 程和梅花对视了一眼,眼里都是担忧。
En: Cheng and Mei-Hua glanced at each other with worry in their eyes.

Zh: 一名身穿皮夹克、头戴摩托车头盔的男子从自行车上下来。
En: A man with a leather jacket and a motorcycle helmet stepped off his bike.

Zh: 他并不孤单。
En: He was not alone.

Zh: 他带来了他的三个朋友。
En: He had brought three of his friends with him.

Zh: 四个人一脸凶相,程家都能感觉到空气中的紧张。
En: The four men had a menacing look about them and the Chengs could feel the tension in the air.

Zh: 那人上前向程家要钱。
En: The man stepped forward and demanded money from the Chengs.

Zh: 他说,如果他们不付钱给他,他就会把李从他们身边带走。
En: He said if they didn't pay him, he would take Li away from them.

Zh: 程和梅花吓坏了。
En: Cheng and Mei-Hua were terrified.

Zh: 他们没有什么可以给予,也不知道该做什么。
En: They had nothing to give and didn't know what to do.

Zh: 他们寡不敌众,势均力敌。
En: They were outnumbered and outmatched.

Zh: 突然,李走到她父母面前,宣布如果他不理他们,她就把她的雏菊花冠送给他。
En: Suddenly, Li stepped in front of her parents and declared that she would give the man her daisy crown if he would leave them alone.

Zh: 男人被这个勇敢的小女孩吓了一跳。
En: The man looked taken aback by the brave little girl.

Zh: 他似乎犹豫了片刻,最终点了点头,接过菊花冠。
En: He seemed to hesitate for a moment before finally nodding his head and taking the daisy crown.

Zh: 然后他又骑上摩托车,骑着车走了,留下程家一个人。
En: He then climbed back on his motorcycle and rode away, leaving the Chengs alone.

Zh: 郑和美华紧紧地拥抱着女儿,感谢她的勇敢和无私。
En: Cheng and Mei-Hua hugged their daughter close, grateful for her bravery and selflessness.

Zh: 程家拿起野餐,继续在乡间享受下午的时光,四周弥漫着樱花花瓣的芬芳。
En: The Chengs picked up their picnic and continued to enjoy the afternoon in the countryside, surrounded by the sweet smell of cherry blossom petals.

Zh: 夕阳的余晖照亮了天空,程家意识到无论怎样,他们永远都会拥有彼此。
En: The light of the setting sun illuminated the sky and the Chengs realized that no matter what, they would always have each other.

Zh: 他们是一家人,没有什么能改变这一点。
En: They were a family and nothing would ever change that.

Vocabulary Words:
阳光 : Sun
樱花 : Cherry blossoms
郑家 : Cheng family
梅花 : Mei-Hua
李 : Li
绿草 : Grass
雏菊花冠 : Daisy crown
怜爱 : Fondness
一阵风 : Gust of wind
花瓣 : Petals
尖叫 : Squeal
凶相 : Menacing
皮夹克 : Leather jacket
摩托车头盔 : Motorcycle helmet
朋友 : Friends
要求 : Demanded
付钱 : Pay
寡不敌众 : Outnumbered
势均力敌 : Outmatched
勇敢 : Brave
无私 : Selflessness
打断 : Interrupted
紧张 : Tension
平静 : Peaceful
自制点心 : Homemade treats
郁郁葱葱 : Lush
高兴 : Delight
夕阳 : Setting sun
照亮 : Illuminated
潮澎湃 : Heart swell