Zh: Rising Above: Alba’s Education Journey

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Rising Above: Alba’s Education Journey

Story Transcript:
Zh: 在菲尔德斯通的小村庄里,一个年轻女孩的生活充满了艰辛和贫困。
En: In the small village of Fieldstone, the life of a young girl was filled with hardship and poverty.

Zh: 她的名字叫阿尔巴,她决心超越自己的处境。
En: Her name was Alba and she was determined to rise above her circumstances.

Zh: Alba 对数学充满热情,并且知道通过教育,她可以实现自己的梦想。
En: Alba had a passion for mathematics and knew that with education, she could make her dreams come true.

Zh: 阿尔巴在当地的小学上学,开始了她的教育之旅。
En: Alba started her educational journey by attending the local elementary school.

Zh: 她的父母买不起她的书或学习用品,所以她只能凑合着用她能找到的任何东西。
En: Her parents could not afford to buy her books or school supplies, so she made do with whatever she could find.

Zh: 阿尔巴很快就在学习上取得了优异的成绩,并赢得了老师和同学的钦佩。
En: Alba soon excelled in her studies and earned the admiration of her teachers and classmates.

Zh: 当阿尔巴上中学时,她能够找到奖学金和助学金来帮助她支付学习用品和学费。
En: When Alba reached middle school, she was able to find scholarships and grants to help her pay for school supplies and tuition.

Zh: 她学习勤奋,终于考上了附近城市的一所名牌高中。
En: She was diligent in her studies, and her hard work paid off when she was accepted into a prestigious high school in the nearby city.

Zh: 在高中,阿尔巴被富裕家庭的学生包围,她努力跟上步伐。
En: At the high school, Alba was surrounded by students from wealthy families and she struggled to keep up with the pace.

Zh: 但她保持专注和坚定,并以优异的成绩毕业。
En: But she remained focused and determined, and she graduated with honors.

Zh: 阿尔巴随后进入一所著名大学就读,在那里她可以追求成为数学教授的梦想。
En: Alba then enrolled in a prestigious university where she could pursue her dream of becoming a mathematics professor.

Zh: 她学习刻苦,成绩优异,很快就被数学系录取了。
En: She worked hard and earned excellent grades, and soon she was accepted into the mathematics department.

Zh: 经过四年的严格学习,Alba 毕业并获得了数学学位。
En: After four years of rigorous study, Alba graduated with her degree in mathematics.

Zh: 她决心继续她的教育之旅,因此她申请了著名大学的研究生课程。
En: She was determined to continue her educational journey and so she applied for a postgraduate program at a renowned university.

Zh: 阿尔巴被录取了,她开始了她的博士课程。
En: Alba was accepted and she began her doctoral program.

Zh: 完成博士课程后,阿尔巴获得了同一所大学的数学教授职位。
En: Once she completed her doctoral program, Alba was offered a position at the same university as a mathematics professor.

Zh: 她欣喜若狂,并致力于帮助她的学生理解和欣赏数学之美。
En: She was ecstatic and dedicated her time to helping her students understand and appreciate the beauty of mathematics.

Zh: 阿尔巴的努力和坚韧得到了回报,她实现了成为数学教授的梦想。
En: Alba’s hard work and tenacity had paid off and she had achieved her dream of becoming a mathematics professor.

Zh: 她继续帮助她的学生实现他们的目标,并在她的领域取得了巨大的成功。
En: She continued to help her students reach their goals and achieved great success in her field.

Zh: 阿尔巴从贫穷的菲尔德斯通小村庄远道而来。
En: Alba had come a long way from the poor little village of Fieldstone.

Zh: 她决心超越自己的处境,通过接受教育,她实现了自己的梦想。
En: She had been determined to rise above her circumstances and with education, she had made her dreams come true.

Vocabulary Words:
菲尔德斯通 : Fieldstone
阿尔巴 : Alba
艰辛 : hardship
贫困 : poverty
热情 : passion
数学 : mathematics
教育 : education
小学 : elementary school
书籍 : books
学习用品 : school supplies
奖学金 : scholarships
助学金 : grants
中学 : middle school
学费 : tuition
名牌的 : prestigious
高中 : high school
富裕的 : wealthy
勤奋的 : diligent
学习成果 : studies
钦佩 : admiration
同学 : classmates
大学 : university
学位 : degree
研究生课程 : postgraduate program
博士课程 : doctoral program
职位 : position
教授 : professor
坚韧不拔 : tenacity
成功 : success